Tripod with celadon glaze, Yuan dynasty, 14th century

Tripod with celadon glaze, Yuan dynasty, 14th century

  • Image Number: K1B012321N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Ceramics
  • Function: Incense utensils, ritual vessels, furnishings
  • Material: Minerals/Ceramics/
  • Description:
    It is shaped like a bronze tripod, with a round mouth, narrow lips, double ears along the mouth, a short neck, a round belly, and a round bottom connected with three breasted feet. It is installed and fired by using a combination of support and cushion. The inside and outside are covered with blue glaze. After firing, the glaze is ginger yellow. The glaze is different in color from inside to outside. The inside is transparent, and the outside is mixed with light brown and brown gray lines. There are five burning points on the inner bottom and six on the outer bottom. In addition to the similar flat belly shape unearthed from Ren’s Tomb in Shanghai, the fragments of broken ears and round bottoms connected with milk shaped feet found in the Yuan Dynasty kiln site of Tiger Cave in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, indicate the possible origin of this exhibit and its related firing context. A similar porcelain stove was also included in the multi treasure box of “Liu Yuan Liu Guang”, which was composed by Emperor Qianlong between the 20th and 21st years of Qianlong’s reign (1755-1756). It was named “Song Ge Kiln Milk Furnace” at that time. Reference handed down product

元 青瓷雙耳三足爐

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