Neolithic Period 367 results
Chinese archives of events in the Neolithic Period.
weapon BM-1937-0416.23-China Archive

weapon BM-1937-0416.23

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:6000BC-3000BC Materials:jade Technique: Dimensions:Length: 16.10 centimetres Description: Weapon. Made of jade (green.brown). IMG Comments:
weapon BM-1910-0418.35-China Archive

weapon BM-1910-0418.35

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:6000BC-3000BC Materials:stone Technique: Dimensions:Length: 15 centimetres Description: Weapon. Made of stone. IMG Comments:
vessel BM-1959-0216.6-China Archive

vessel BM-1959-0216.6

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:3000BC-2000BC Materials:earthenware Technique:burnished Dimensions:Width: 1.25 inches Description: Sherd (series of). Made of burnished eart...
sceptre; blade BM-1937-0416.149-China Archive

sceptre; blade BM-1937-0416.149

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:2000BC-1200BC (circa) Materials:jade, nephrite, Technique:polished Dimensions:Length: 36 centimetres Description: Green-black jade sceptre. ...
sceptre; blade BM-1947-0712.445-China Archive

sceptre; blade BM-1947-0712.445

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:2000BC-1200BC Materials:jade, nephrite, Technique:incised, polished, Dimensions:Length: 29.70 centimetres Description: Sceptre. Made of gree...
sceptre BM-2022-3034.81-China Archive

sceptre BM-2022-3034.81

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:4000BC-2000BC Materials:jade Technique:polished, bevelled, drilled, Dimensions:Length: 30 centimetres Width: 6.70 centimetres Description: S...
sceptre; blade BM-1937-0416.1-China Archive

sceptre; blade BM-1937-0416.1

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:2000BC-1000BC (circa) Materials:jade, nephrite, Technique:polished Dimensions:Length: 50.80 centimetres Description: Jade sceptre based upon...
sceptre BM-1937-0416.20-China Archive

sceptre BM-1937-0416.20

Period:Neolithic Period Materials:jade Technique: Dimensions:Height: 29.80 centimetres Description: Sceptre. slops at one end.. Two holes worked from one side. Made of jade (green-...
ring BM-1945-1017.104-China Archive

ring BM-1945-1017.104

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:2000BC-1050BC Materials:jade Technique: Dimensions:Diameter: 11 centimetres Description: Coloured ring. Made of ivory-coloured jade. IMG Com...
ring BM-OA+.445-China Archive

ring BM-OA+.445

Period:Neolithic Period Production date:2500 BC-1500 BC Materials:jade Technique: Dimensions:Width: 3 centimetres Description: Ring (part of). Made of jade. IMG Comments: