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zun BM-1973-0726.8-China Archive

zun BM-1973-0726.8

Period:Western Zhou dynasty Production date:1000BC-901BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique: Dimensions:Height: 18.70 centimetres Weight: 1.90 kilograms Description: Zun. Inscripti...
zun BM-1986-0417.1-China Archive

zun BM-1986-0417.1

Period:Shang dynasty Production date:13thC BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique: Subjects:mammal taotie Dimensions:Diameter: 21.70 centimetres (at lip) Height: 23.70 centimetres W...
zun BM-1954-0220.4-China Archive

zun BM-1954-0220.4

Period:Shang dynasty Production date:12thC BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique:cast Subjects:dragon taotie Dimensions:Diameter: 29.50 centimetres Height: 30.80 centimetres Descri...
zun BM-1984-0719.1-China Archive

zun BM-1984-0719.1

Period:Qing dynasty Production date:18thC-19thC Materials:bronze Technique: Dimensions:Diameter: 20.30 centimetres Height: 26.40 centimetres Description: Zun. Made of bronze. IMG C...
zun BM-1936-1118.1-China Archive

zun BM-1936-1118.1

Period:Shang dynasty Production date:1200BC-1050BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique: Subjects:mammal dragon taotie Dimensions:Diameter: 17 centimetres (mouth; max) Diameter: 14 c...
zun; vessel BM-1980-0512.2-China Archive

zun; vessel BM-1980-0512.2

Period:Shang dynasty Production date:1200BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique: Subjects:mammal Dimensions:Diameter: 23.40 centimetres Height: 22.30 centimetres Description: Bronze...
zun BM-1954-0712.2-China Archive

zun BM-1954-0712.2

Period:Western Zhou dynasty Production date:1050BC-771BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique: Dimensions:Diameter: 18.20 centimetres Height: 22.50 centimetres Description: Zun. Insc...
zun BM-1883-1020.20-China Archive

zun BM-1883-1020.20

Period:Ming dynasty Production date:1368-1644 Materials:bronze Technique: Subjects:dragon Dimensions:Height: 22 centimetres Description: Bronze zun (petal-shaped). Dragons. IMG Com...
zun BM-1943-0215.31-China Archive

zun BM-1943-0215.31

Period:Qing dynasty Production date:1644-1911 Materials:bronze Technique: Subjects:mammal Dimensions:Height: 29.40 centimetres Height: 11.50 inches Description: Zun. Rams' heads or...
zun BM-1936-1118.3-China Archive

zun BM-1936-1118.3

Period:Shang dynasty Production date:1100BC-901BC (circa) Materials:bronze Technique:cast Dimensions:Height: 35 centimetres Description: Zun. Made of bronze. IMG Comments: