Jade beast, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368)

Jade beast, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368)

  • Image Number: K1C005672N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Jades
  • Archival dimension: 玉獸長3.6公分 寬2.2公分 高3.2公分 通高(含木座)4.1公分
  • Function: Furnishings, stationery, stationery
  • Material: Minerals/Jade Jewelry/Jade
  • Description:
    Jade beasts can be stored in wooden boxes. A custom-made wooden seat is attached to the legend. At the bottom of the wooden seat is carved a poem made by the Emperor Qianlong: “A gentleman is a square and a gentleman is virtuous. When people attack the position of taking people, the cloud flies without wings, and the four hooves bend in the air. Rui’s occupation of the real estate is not a vanity. That is to say, the sky horse is flying over the west pole, and the British sweat is making peach blossom.” The seat surface is engraved with “Dahe Zhai System”.

元  玉獸

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