X-fu kuei Chueh, Middle or Late Anyang Period (13th-11th century B.C.)

X-fu kuei Chueh, Middle or Late Anyang Period(13th-11th century B.C.)

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  • <spanWine vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description :
    Oval apparatus abdomen. The height of flow, tail and column bottom are equivalent. The upright column flows in a straight line to a curve at the tail, and gathers to the point where the upright column contacts the instrument height, forming a curvature corresponding to the oval abdominal bottom. It is quite different from Erligang Pingdi Jue and those with straighter flowing tail curves. Its three legs are also symmetrical tapered. The belly of the instrument is decorated with animal face patterns, with the main pattern as the broad band, and the rest of the patterns are filled with thunder patterns. There are three words “□ father gui” inscribed on the Yin of Xuan, and the head of a cow is decorated on it. The column is decorated with round vortex patterns

商後期  □父癸爵

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