Thousand-Character Essay (Originally attributed to Emperor Gaozong [1107-1187])

Thousand-Character Essay (Originally attributed to Emperor Gaozong [1107-1187])

  • Image Number: K2B000149N000000001PAA
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: Calligraphic works
  • Author: 趙構
  • Form: 冊(摺裝‧方幅式)
  • Description:
    This book was written on paper in Zhusilan. The Collection of Stone Canal Treasures was designated as the book of Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty, but it should have been written by the imperial academy calligraphers in the 23rd year of Shaoxing (1153). There are many taboos in this volume. For example, the word “respect” in the sixth line lacks the last pen, which is to avoid Zhao Jing, the grandfather of Zhao Kuangyin, the founder of the Song Dynasty. The whole volume has obvious changes in line thickness, which is quite similar to the “Preface to the Holy Religion”. The strokes are also sophisticated and smooth. The structure is slightly thin and long. The shape is beautiful, with a strong classical flavor, reflecting the retro style of calligraphy advocated by Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty.

宋高宗千文 冊 01

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