Square yi wine vessel of Shu, late Shang period, 13th-11th century BCE

Square yi wine vessel of Shu, late Shang period, 13th to 11th century BCE

  • Image Number: 10.1 * 7.5 cm wide, 9.4 * 7 cm wide at the bottom
  • Function:Wine container, Ritual vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:. Only covers and utensils are decorated with rings, ribbons and hook shaped trimmings. The shape of the latter is similar to the ridge, but generally the ridge bulges out of the surface in a three-dimensional form, and the hook shaped edge decoration is a plane decoration. This kind of flat hook shaped border decoration can also be seen in the Fuhao Gu, the Northwest Gang M1022 Gu, the dragon shaped circle foot, and the border decoration on the belly surface. From the perspective of the layers divided by the decorative patterns on the surface of the utensil, the boundary of the layers is higher than the part of the actual circle foot, forming the effect of the false circle foot. There is an inscription “Shu” on the inner wall of the lid

商晚期 叔方彝

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