Gu wine vessel of Fu Zhi Shi, late Shang dynasty, 13th-12th century BCE

Gu wine vessel of Fu Zhi Shi, late Shang dynamics, 13th to 12th century BCE

  • Image Number: 15.5 cm, full diameter 8.8 cm, full height 8.2 cm, The ritual vessels
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:. Beast face patterns on the neck and Kui patterns on the feet are all composed of thin line and shallow relief thunder patterns, belonging to the third style of patterns. The shape and decoration characteristics are similar to the M17 Gu in Xiaotun and W8 in Wuguan Village in the middle of Yin Ruins. It may be one of the main decorative patterns popular in the middle of the Yin Ruins, and the user identity may be slightly lower than that of the fifth style (hence bronze 1926) of another set of decorative patterns in the same period. The inscription 3 is on the inner wall of the ring foot

商晚期 父子史觚

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