• Image Number: K2B000239N000000001PAA
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: Calligraphic works
  • Author: Du Yan;杜衍
  • Form: 冊(蝴蝶裝)
  • Description:
    Du Yan (978-1057), with the word Shichang, was born in Shanyin, Yuezhou (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang). The official to the imperial governor, the prime minister, and the emissary in chief. In the fourth year of Emperor Renzong’s Qingli (1044), he worshipped Tongping Zhangshi, the great scholar of Jixian Hall, and also served as the emissary in chief. He, together with Han Qi and Fan Zhongyan, carried out the New Deal, which was blocked and he walked out of phase for a hundred days. He is fond of poetry, good at painting, and good at calligraphy. There are laws in positive, positive, and cursive writing, especially in cursive writing. Su Shi once said that Du Shu, “The elegant and elegant style of Jin people is popular.” This picture is round, healthy and beautiful, and the shape of the knot is more independent. It is purely a center, and its posture is elegant. It is selected from the Collection of Ink Treasures of Famous Scholars in the Song Dynasty.

宋諸名家墨寶 冊 宋杜衍書尺牘

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