Silkworm Cocoon from Xiying Village, Neolithic period

Silkworm Cocoon from Xiying Village, Neolithic period

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    In the 15th year of the Republic of China (1926), Dr. Li Ji (1896-1979) presided over the archaeological team cooperated by the Academy of Traditional Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University and the Frier Art Museum of the Smithsonian Institute of the United States. During the archaeological excavation in Xiyin Village, Xia County, southern Shanxi Province, the remnant silkworm cocoon was unearthed at the bottom of the pit under the fragments of painted pottery, about 5600 years ago. The section of the remnant silkworm cocoon is flat. It should be cut with sharp tools, and its surface has silk luster. It was confirmed to be the cocoon shell by scientific inspection. At that time, it attracted great attention from all walks of life at home and abroad. It was the earliest cocoon shell discovered in Chinese archaeology, and it is of great significance to the origin of sericulture and silk production

西陰村出土 蠶繭殼

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