Stone statue of two seated Buddhas, Northern Dynasties, 6th century

Stone statue of two seated Buddhas, Northern Dynasties, 6th century

  • Image Number: J1G000008N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty: Wei, Jin, Southern & Northern Dynasties (Six Dynasties)
  • Category: Carvings
  • Function: Magic instrument
  • Material: Mineral/Jade Jewelry/
  • Description:
    From the 35th year of the Republic of China to the 40th year of the Republic of China (1946-1951), the loot returned to China by Japan in batches after the end of World War II. Among them, the excavation of the Hunchun Banla City site in Jilin Province was one of the fifth batch of cultural relics returned and transported back in the 40th year. This batch of cultural relics includes a part of the numerous investigations and excavations conducted by Japanese scholars in the name of the puppet Manchukuo in the site of the Bohai State between the 26th and 31st years (1937-1942), such as the statues and tiles unearthed from the First Temple and the Second Temple. The back light of this stone statue and the face of the sitting Buddha were injured. The main statue was two Buddhas sitting on a square pedestal, with the head light and body light of the plant pattern behind. The sitting Buddha was wearing a cross collar monk’s coat, with double shoulder overcoat outside. The pleats were arranged in parallel arcs, which was the style of the sixth century of the Northern Dynasty. The back of the stone statue was left with a red handwriting mark at the time of excavation: “Second Temple Trace/No. 27”, which is the temple trace

二佛並坐石像 吉林省半拉城遺址出土

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