Character Compilation for the Sacred Teachings Preface

Character Compilation for the Sacred Teachings Preface

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  • Dynasty: Wei, Jin, Southern & Northern Dynasties (Six Dynasties)
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  • Author: Wang Xizhi;王羲之
  • Form: 冊(摺裝)
  • Description:
    In the 22nd year of Zhenguan Period (648 A.D.), Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty wrote the Preface to the Tripitaka Saints of the Tang Dynasty in order to praise Xuanzang’s contributions to the pilgrimage and translation of scriptures. Later, Huai Renji, a monk of Hongfu Temple, collected Wang Xizhi’s handwriting in his inner mansion. In the third year of Xianheng, Emperor Gaozong (672 A.D.), this monument was carved by Zhuge Shenli and Zhu Jingcang, with the addition of Emperor Taizong’s reply to the edict, the Preface to the Sanzang Sacred Religion written by Emperor Gaozong, and Xuanzang’s translation of the Heart Sutra. Because of the collection of Wang Xizhi’s handwriting collected in the Inner House of the Tang Dynasty, it has become a model of temporary calligraphy in the past dynasties. The original stele is preserved in Xi’an Stele Forest, which was broken between the Song and Yuan Dynasties. The earliest rubbings handed down from generation to generation are in the Northern Song Dynasty. This is one of the rubbings of the Song Dynasty collected by the Qing Palace.

宋拓聖教序 冊 02

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