Jade three-pronged object, Liangzhu culture

Japanese three pronged object, Guangzhou culture

  • Image Number:K1C001841N000000000PAF
  • Dynamy:Neolithic Period
  • Category:Jades
  • Function:Clothing and accessories
  • Material:Mineral/jade jewelry/jade Stone
  • Description: Headwear for male nobles in the east. It can also be shaped from birds. According to archaeological data, a long jade tube is often connected above the center. There are four square protrusions on the back of this piece in the courtyard collection, and the vertical protrusions at the lower end should be used for fixing. The three vertical protrusions on the top may have been decorated with soft decorations such as feathers. This trident was engraved with antique clouds, phoenix patterns, Hui patterns and grain patterns from the late Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty. It was also dyed brown, and the dye remained in the decorative seams

良渚文化  三叉形器
图片[2]-Jade three-pronged object, Liangzhu culture-China Archive
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