Ge dagger with inscription “Cheng zhou”, early Western Zhou dynasty, c. 11th to 10th century BCE

Ge dagger with inscription“Cheng zhou”,early Western Zhou dynasty, c. 11th to 10th century BCE

  • Image Number:>Description:</span, The lower blade is concave and curved and extends downward at the back section to form a beard. The upper part of the beard goes through. The rear of the aid is inside, and there are upper and lower columns between the aid and inside. Fibrous marks can be seen faintly on the reinforcement. The shape is similar to the tomb dagger No. 183 in Zhangjiapo, Chang'an, Shaanxi, in the early Western Zhou Dynasty. Inside, there is the word "Chengzhou" in Yin script. Chengzhou is the Luoyi built during the reign of King Cheng of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Ge with the inscription of "Cheng Zhou" was unearthed from Tomb 42, Xincun Village, Junxian County, Henan Province, and Tomb 1193, Liulihe River, Beijing, in the early Western Zhou Dynasty. This dagger is an old collection of Wen's family in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, and it was received in Ronggeng's "Golden Record of Praising Zhai and Auspiciousness"

西周早期 成周戈

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