Ding cauldron of Song, late Western Zhou dynasty

Ding cauldron of Song, late Western Zhou dynamics

  • Image Number:K1A002385N000000000PAG
  • Dynasty:Western Zhou dynamics
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Function:Eaters, ritual vessels
  • Material:Mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    The body is hemispherical, with two vertical ears, Three hoofed feet. Two strings are decorated under the mouth edge. Thrifty, simple and grand. There is an inscription on the inner wall with 16 lines and 149 words, and two repeated words: “Only in May of the third year, when the king died and dominated Jiaxu, the king was in the Palace of Zhou Kangshao. On the first day of the reign, all the king’s chambers were enthroned. Zai cited Yousong, the entry point, and the establishment of the central court. The Yin family received a letter from the king, and the king called Shiguo to write a eulogy of life. Wang said,” Songs make the female judges into twenty families of the Zhou family. The supervisor □ was newly created, and the court officials used the palace to give you black clothes, such as pure clothes, red clothes, Zhu Heng, Luan flags, and □ Le, and so on. ” Praise the head, accept the order, put it on the book and return to accept the Jin Zhang. Song Gan addressed Prince Yang Pi Xianlu Xiu, honored the tripod with Emperor Kaogong’s uncle and his mother Gongsi’s treasure, and prayed for his eternal life with filial piety. Praise their longevity for thousands of years, and the descendants of their ancestors will never die It records the ceremony scripture of the late Western Zhou Dynasty when the important officials praised and accepted the orders of the king of Zhou

西周晚期 頌鼎
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