Square he spouted ewer with dragon design, mid-Western Zhou period, c. 10th-9th century BCE

Square he spilled new with dragon design, mid Western Zhou period, c. 10th-9th century BCE

  • Image Number:K1A001870N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty:Western Zhou dynamity
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Architectural dimension:Full height 18 caliber 14 × 11cm
  • Function:ritual vessels, water vessels
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    ellipsoid. It has a wide mouth, square lips, straight neck, round bottom and four legs. Lack of cover. There is a long pipe flow near the neck on the upper abdomen side, which is an oblique mouth. The other side of the belly is provided with a cow’s head. There is a half ring ear between the upper part of the head and the mouth edge, which should be used as the connection with the cover. The neck decoration looks back at the Kui dragon pattern. The long stream is decorated with triangular cicada patterns, and the cow head is decorated with cloud patterns. There are three X-shaped male reinforcing ribs visible at the outsole. The square He shape similar to this one can be seen in the Middle Western Zhou Dynasty (Babe He) unearthed at Dahekou, Yicheng, Shanxi. The overall shape and size are about the same. However, the cover is missing and the body is relatively square

西周中期 顧龍紋方盉

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