Gui food container of Shi Huan Fu, late Western Zhou period, c. 9th century-771 BCE

Gui food container of Shi Huan Fu,late Western Zhou period, c. 9th century-771 BCE

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  • Function:Ritual vessels, Food utensil
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    with cover and circular hand catcher. The body is set at the mouth, the abdomen is down, and the ears are half ringed. There are pendulous prominences underneath. The feet are decorated with three reliefs of animal heads, and then the feet are shaped like a curly nose. The cover edge, mouth edge and foot ring are decorated with heavy ring patterns, and the cover surface and belly are decorated with corrugated patterns. The inscription is in two lines and nine characters on the inside of the lid and the bottom of the vessel: “Shifu makes a treasure for the uncle and respects the Gui.” It means that Shifu made the vessel for the woman surnamed Jia. The hospital also has Shifu Pan (middle bronze 997), which was made for Shifu to give another woman, “Ji Ji”. This plate is decorated with double ring patterns and wavy patterns. It is also a vessel of the late Western Zhou Dynasty

西周晚期 師寏父簋

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