Gui food container of Shou Fu, late Shang dynasty, c. 13th-11th century BCE

Gui food container of Shou Fu, late Shang dynamics, c. 13th-11th century BCE

  • Image Number:C1A001330N000000000PAC
  • Dynasty:Shang dynamics
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Function:Food container, ritual container
  • Mat Serial:Mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    Round abdomen, S-shaped abdominal wall curve, The mouth margin is open, the feet are circled, and the feet are bulging. The patterns are divided into four lines: triangular patterns are decorated on the upper layer of the neck, Kui patterns are decorated on the lower layer of the neck, and small animal heads are embossed in the center of the pattern unit, similar to ceramic patterns. The belly is decorated with animal face patterns. The patterns are very distinctive, especially the horn of Kui pattern and the horn of the head of the animal. The ear, jaw and bridge of the nose all have high drum protrusions. The four model lines of the whole vessel are different from the six or three model lines of the common Shang Wulugui. There are two small animal heads in the neck through which four lines pass, and two with animal like heads. If the face of two heads is taken as the front, the inscription of “Shoufu” is perpendicular to the front. Another “Shou Fu Ji Zhi” was unearthed in Anyang, Henan Province. Its decorative features are the same as that of this piece, which belongs to the “Shou” casting piece, showing the style features rare in other bronzes

商晚期  守婦簋
图片[2]-Gui food container of Shou Fu, late Shang dynasty, c. 13th-11th century BCE-China Archive
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