Two Pine Trees

Two Pine Trees

  • Image Number: K2A000272N000000000PAA
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Author: Cao Zhibai;曹知白
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 132.1×57.4
  • Description:
    Cao Zhibai (1272-1355), No. Yunxi. This foreground painting is a continuation of the theme of Li Chenghan’s Lin Pingye. The painting is self titled, “Two years and one day in the sky, the west of the cloud acts as a barrier for this pine tree, sending it to Bo Shan at the end of the stone to symbolize love.” Shi Mobo Shan (1281-1347), a powerful figure of Khitan descent, was the grandson of Shi Moye, a great hero of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty who died in the Jin Dynasty. Not long ago, he resigned from the imperial court and was called Commander Min. Cao Zhibai should be praising Bo for his talent, virtue and beauty with the help of Qingtian Shuangsong. Cao Zhibai served as a Kunshan oracle during Dade’s reign, and soon retired from retirement. He often interacted with many ethnic scholars.

元曹知白雙松圖 軸

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