Heavenly Petals Falling on an Indian Monk

Heavenly Petals Falling on an Indian Monk

  • Image Number: K2A000349N000000000PAA
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 175.3×98.2
  • Description:
    In this painting, a bearded monk sits on a stone and reads Sanskrit scriptures. Monks have dark skin, high nose and deep eyes, and pierced ears. From the outline, they should not be Han people. The lines of the clothes painted by the painter are round, but powerful. The decoration on the monk’s clothes, the fluttering flowers, and the dense hair on the white monkey’s body are all delicately carved in different textures. The background of mountains, rivers and clouds is painted in ink, which is in contrast to the bright colors of clothing and flowers. There is no recognition of the author on the painting. From the perspective of the character style, it is consistent with the Arhat painting of the Yuan Dynasty, which represents the shape of the monk Hu.

元人宣梵雨花圖 軸

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