Shri Hevajra

Shri Hevajra

  • Image Number: K2C000134N000000000PAA
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Tapestries and embroideries
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 86.3×63.4
  • Description:
    This Kesi Buddha statue was once refitted in the Qing Palace. The original “Secret Hall of the Pearl Forest” is recorded as the Mahakala Buddha, which means the Dharma Protector Great Dark Sky. However, this statue has eight sides, sixteen arms and four feet. Scholars believe that it is one of the five “Auspicious Vajra” worshipped by the supreme yoga secret method. The original work is speculated to be a rectangular Thangka, which was cut into the status quo after entering the Qing Palace in Tibet or because it was broken. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Tibet and the Western Xia Dynasty have custom-made tapestry Buddha statues to the mainland, such as Hangzhou; The style of this Kesi is simple and unsophisticated. The backlit shape is related to the Buddhist scripture prints in the late Yuan Dynasty. Although he likes the image of Vajra or has Tibetan paintings, this statue does not see the Buddha mother. It is speculated that it was influenced by the Han culture and should belong to the inland craft of the 14th century.

元緙絲吉祥喜金剛 軸

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