Training the Horse

Training the Horse

  • Image Number: K2A001236N000000008PAA
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: uncategorized
  • Author: Zhao Mengfu;趙孟頫
  • Form: 冊(蝴蝶裝‧方幅式)
  • Exhibition dimension: 22.7×49
  • Description:
    Zhao Mengfu (1254-1332 AD), named Ziang, was Taoist Priest Songxue. The eleventh grandson of the Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty was appointed as the official of the Yuan Dynasty. The official of the Imperial Academy received the imperial edict and was granted the title of Duke of Wei. He is good at calligraphy, painting landscapes, figures, orchids and bamboos, and is the leader of the literati painting world. Line drawing shows one man and one horse. In the high wind, the sleeves and manes must fly with the wind. The people and horses in the painting are portrayed with fine and vigorous central strokes, which are vivid and lifelike, showing a heroic and deep attitude. The strokes are concise, and the spirit and shape are complete. The painting is permeated with a bleak and clear atmosphere, which is quite different from the fierce Han horses and the noble taste of Tang horses.

歷朝名繪 冊 元趙孟頫調良圖

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