Gui food container dedicated to X Ding, late Shang period, c. 13-11th century BCE

Gui food container classified to X Ding, late Shang period, c. 13-11th century BCE

  • Image Number: Material:Mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    No prominence under both ears, Round abdomen, S-shaped abdominal wall curve, slightly convex circle footrest under the circle foot. The whole decoration is divided into four layers, which are full of multiple layers; The mouth edge is decorated with triangular cicada patterns and Kui patterns. There is a small animal head embossed in the middle of the Kui pattern, and the part is equivalent to the bulging animal nose of the abdominal animal face pattern. The belly is decorated with animal face patterns, the bridge of the nose is a bulging ridge, the feet are decorated with bowed Kui patterns, the ears on both sides are decorated with animal heads, and the head is decorated with fish scale patterns up and down. The inscription is on the belly bottom. It is close to the M269 Gui of Qijiazhuang

商後期  □丁簋

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