Bowl with sky blue glaze, Jun ware, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368)

Bowl with sky blue glaze, Jun ware, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368)

  • Image Number: C1B001289N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Ceramics
  • Function: Container
  • Material: Minerals/Ceramics/
  • Description:
    Round mouth, deep arc wall, sharp bottom, short circle foot, foot wall slightly outside. The whole cover is covered with sky blue glaze. The thickness of the glaze layer is uneven. The glaze color changes from the mouth edge to the bottom, showing beige, yellow blue and sky blue. The glaze surface has light brown fine grains. Apply the glaze to the foot border, and the thick and sagging glaze covers the entire foot wall. The center of the outsole bulges, and a drop of glaze medicine is applied. There is no glaze on the bottom edge of the foot and the inner peripheral wall, and all of them are exposed. The sole edge of the foot is rotated by a knife, and the inner edge is higher than the outer edge to trim the foot and shoulder.

元  鈞窯 天藍碗

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