Spring Plowing at the Mouth of a Valley

Spring Plowing at the Mouth of a Valley

  • Image Number: K2A000279N000000000PAA
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Author: 王蒙
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 124.9×37.2
  • Description:
    Wang Meng is Zhao Mengfu’s grandson, and his father is the king’s instrument for Zhao Yong’s poem “The Painting of Steeds”. Although he had a strong ambition for official career, he had never developed. He had only been a minor official for a short time, and most of the time he was forced to hide in Huang Heshan due to the turmoil at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. His landscape paintings mostly talked about reclusive life with friends, sometimes showing the helplessness of unfulfilled ambition. The title of this picture and Gukou comes from the allusion of Zheng Zizhen’s seclusion in Gukou in the Han Dynasty. It may be written for Zheng Weihan, who wrote the poem. Zheng’s poems also contain an unexpected exclamation. After Wang Meng entered the Ming Dynasty, he eventually took office in Taizhou, but he was involved in the case and died in prison.

元王蒙谷口春耕圖 軸

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