Scroll Brocade of Collected Yuan Paintings

Scroll Brocade of Collected Yuan Paintings

  • Image Number: K2A001108N000000000PAM
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Author: Various artists;吳鎮;林卷阿;倪瓚;馬琬;莊麟;管道昇;趙孟頫;趙原
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    This long scroll is a collection of eight Yuan people’s works. According to the seal on the painting, it is speculated that it is the old collection of Xiang Yuanbian in the Ming Dynasty. After entering the Qing Palace, it was mounted again. There were imperial inscriptions in the 14th year of Qianlong’s reign in the front across the water. It is speculated that it would be the status quo to repack it at the latest in that year. Now, there are poems written by Qing Palace Ci ministers across the water. The eight sections are the paintings of Zhao Mengfu, Guan Daosheng, Ni Zan, Wu Zhen, Ma Wan, Zhao Yuan, Lin Suoa, Zhuang Lin, etc. Although they are different in age and have different themes, they are all excellent works of bamboo and stone landscape. This special full volume exhibition can be said to be an integration of the paintings of southern scholars in the Yuan Dynasty, which is suitable for comparison with the creations of non Han artists.

元人集錦 卷 趙孟頫枯木竹石;管道昇煙雨叢竹;倪瓚安處齋圖;吳鎮中山圖;馬琬春山清霽;趙原陸羽烹茶圖;林卷阿山水;莊麟翠雨軒圖

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