River Country Late in Autumn

River Country Late in Autumn

  • Image Number: C2A000017N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty: Yuan dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Author: Li Shixing;李士行
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 31x 117.4
  • Description:
    The imperial poem on the painting was written during the third southern tour in April of the 27th year of Qianlong reign. It can be seen from the archives that Shi Yizhi (1682-1763) paid tribute to Yangzhou on February 12. At that time, he was the great scholar of Wenyuan Pavilion and minister of the official department, and he was a senior official who could pay tribute. From the “Shi Tie’s Collection of Calligraphy and Painting” printed on the volume, it can also be inferred that this painting was originally his collection. Li Shixing (1282-1382) was a famous bamboo painter in the Yuan Dynasty. This volume is his rare landscape painting. According to the postscript of Da Chongguang (1623-1692), this work pays equal attention to such famous sites as “Autumn Scenes of Magpies and Flowers” and “The Painting of Shizi Forest” in Jiangnan. Since these two monuments have already entered the Tibetan palace, when Emperor Qianlong received this work from Li Shixing, he would gladly write that “Master Quehua is still the same, proud and proud to praise Runzhou”.

元李士行江鄉秋晚 卷

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