Dish with foliated rim, Hsiu-nei-ssu Kuan ware

Dish with foliated rim, Hsiu-nei-ssu Kuan ware

  • Image Number: K1B010347N000000000PAB
  • Dynasty: Southern Song dynasty
  • Category: Ceramics
  • Function: Container
  • Material: Minerals/Ceramics/
  • Description:
    Six sunflower shaped, with a wide mouth and shallow wall, it is horizontally folded inward to the foot to form a waist folding disc, with a slightly concave bottom and a short circle of feet. The body is slightly thin, the glaze is green, and the surface of the glaze is dark. Apply the glaze to the foot margin, and the foot margin is unglazed, revealing the burnt color. The bottom is engraved with Emperor Qianlong’s “Chanting the Sunflower Plate of the Official Kiln”: “Cultivate the internal pottery secret tools, and the official kiln is different from the external. It is hard to distinguish the Longdai from the Fenghuang Mountain. The sunflower style is not ochre at all, and the ice pattern is half dyed Yin. The Qing Yang is like taking an example, and you have already thought hard”, an imperial poem. At the end of the poem, the chronicle of the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the year of Dingyou in the New Year (42nd year of Qianlong: 1777) was signed, and a seal of “Taipu” was affixed. When Emperor Qianlong appreciated it, he felt that the official kilns of the Southern Song Dynasty, which did not mark the emperor’s year, could not be distinguished from each other. Therefore, under the sentence “It is difficult to separate the Longdai”, it is noted that “Song porcelain was only divided into kiln products until the Ming porcelain was first recorded in the calendar year”

南宋 官窯青瓷葵口盤

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