Flat-foted ting with t’ao-t’ie decor, Er-li-kang Period (16th-14th century B.C.)

Flat noted ting with t’ao-t’ie decor, Er li kang Period (16th to 14th century B.C.)

  • Image Number: The divider is 16.6cm high and 10.5cm deep
  • Function:, Ritual vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:. Stepped mouth margin, with broad relief animal face pattern on the abdomen. The feet are decorated with animal facial patterns, with hooked ridges. The style is similar to that of the tripod unearthed in Lijiazui M2 of Panlong City and Shanghai Museum in Erligang Period. This kind of flat foot tripod with deep abdomen and short feet continued from the Erligang Period to the early Yin Ruins, taking the M333 flat foot tripod in Anyang as an example. However, in the middle of Yin Ruins, the shallow belly long flat foot tripod gradually replaced it

商前期 獸面紋扁足鼎

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