Tsun with t’ao-t’ei decor, Late Anyang Period (12th-11th century B.C.)

Tsun with t’ao-t’ei decor, Late Anyang Period (12th to 11th century B.C.)

  • Image Number: × 23cm abdominal depth 18.5cm foot diameter 16 × 16cm
  • Function:wine vessel, ritual vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze. It was a common tool system in the early Shang Dynasty. Its style is close to that of Huixian Zun in Henan Province in the early Shang Dynasty, as well as Sackler Collection Zun (V-135) and Brooklyn Museum (54.10.3) Zun (Bagley 1987, p. 280). The neck and foot are decorated with two thin lines of shallow relief strings, the abdomen is decorated with animal face patterns, and the shoulders are decorated with bowed Kui patterns. The main pattern is broad band bas relief, which is equivalent to the thin line bas relief on the substrate and belongs to the fourth style. The shoulder is decorated with three micro drum relief animal heads. The bottom of the vessel has thin lines and light relief square patterns

商後期  獸面紋尊

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