P’ou with t’ao-t’ei decor, Early Anyang Period (13th century B.C.)

P’ou with t’ao-t’ei decor, Early Anyang Period (13th century B.C.)

  • Image Number: × 24cm abdominal depth 18.8cm foot diameter 20 × 20 cm, full height 4 cm
  • Function:Wine container
  • Material:Mineral/metal/bronze. This is a short shaped bottle with a height of 23.2 cm, a diameter of 23.5 cm x 24 cm and a bottom diameter of 20 cm x 20 cm. Its age may be from Erligang Period to early Yin Ruins in Xiaotun, Anyang, Henan Province, with M232 and M388 bottles. Its decorative pattern is the fourth style of Luo Yue, whose main pattern is the same height as the thunder pattern substrate. From the perspective of patterns and shapes, the age may be earlier than that of the ampoules in Fuhao Tomb. The latter is tall (34.2 cm high), with a lid and protruding ridges. The fifth style of high relief is the use of main patterns. Only the head and tail of this instrument are embossed with higher drums. Integrate the characteristics of the Central Plains and the South

商後期  獸面紋瓿

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