Letter to District Defender Yanxiu

Letter to District Defender Yanxiu

  • Image Number: K2B000249N000000007PAA
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: Calligraphic works
  • Author: 朱熹
  • Form: 冊(蝴蝶裝)
  • Description:
    Zhu Xi (1130-1200), with the character of Hui, was born in Youxi, Nanjian Prefecture (Sanming City, Fujian Province today) in Wuyuan, Anhui Province (today’s Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province). He lost his father when he was 14 years old. In the 18th year of Shaoxing (1148), he was a scholar at the age of 19. He once served as the pacifying envoy of Jinghu South Road and was an official in Baowen Pavilion. He has written a lot in his life, mainly including “Four Books and Chapters Collection”, “Chu Ci Collection”, “Zhu Zi Daquan” and “Zhu Zi Quotations” compiled by his disciples, which are the culmination of the Song Dynasty’s agency theory and are known as Zhu Zi. Although Zhu Xi’s achievements in the art of calligraphy can hardly be compared with Neo Confucianism, his position in the history of calligraphy in the Southern Song Dynasty cannot be ignored. From Su Shi to Huang Tingjian, most of the calligraphers in the Song Dynasty paid attention to change, pursued indulgence and wanton, and advocated the expression of individuality. Zhu Xi, who lived in the Southern Song Dynasty, was able to keep pace with the times and customs. He followed the Tang people and went back to Wei and Jin. He especially praised Zhong You (151-230) and regarded his book as a classic.

宋元寶翰 冊 宋朱熹致彥脩少府尺牘

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