Ancient Temple in a Mountain Pass

Ancient Temple in a Mountain Pass

  • Image Number: K2A001243N000000002PAA
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: uncategorized
  • Author: 賈師古
  • Form: 冊(摺裝‧方幅式)
  • Exhibition dimension: 26.4×26
  • Description:
    In the lower left corner of the screen, “Jia Shigu” is displayed. Jia Shigu is not seen in the painting history of the Southern Song Dynasty. On the left side of this painting, there are mountains and rocks, pine trees curling on two peaks, pass gate walls in the valley between mountains, and temples and pavilions on the side around the cliff. On the right side of the painting is a flat ground, on which two travelers are written in simple ink. After that, there is a light ink to wipe and dye the outline of the distant mountain. The strokes of the whole painting are short and mellow. In addition to the texturing points on some stone surfaces, the green grass is painted in between. The separation method of the rock surface at the lower edge of the painting is similar to the treatment of the rock surface below Li Tang’s Pine Wind in Wanhe Valley. It belongs to the landscape painting style in the early Southern Song Dynasty.

名繪集珍 冊 宋賈師古巖關古寺

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