Kuei with nipple decor, middle or late Anyang period (13-11th century B.C.)

Kuei with nipple decor, middle or late Anyang period(13-11th century B.C.)

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  • Food utensils
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    A straight bellied, slightly outspread, non ear Gui. The whole decoration is divided into three layers: round vortex pattern and four petal pattern of the neck decoration are alternating. The main decoration of this layer is shallow relief with wide surface, and the rest is light relief with thunder pattern background, which is the same height style as the main decoration and thunder pattern relief surface. The neck is decorated with a breast shaped square pattern. In addition to the high protruding breast shaped, the square pattern is a broad band shallow relief. The feet are decorated with broad band relief Kui patterns, and the edges are decorated with loop band patterns

商後期  乳丁紋簋

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