dish BM-PDF.891

Period:Qing dynasty Production date:1662-1722
Technique:glazed, painted,

Dimensions:Diameter: 253 millimetres Height: 27 millimetres

Porcelain dish with slightly rounded sides and flattened mouth-rim with thickened edge. The dish has a fine thin white body. There is a bird on a pendant fruiting bough in pale transparent ‘famille verte’ palette enamel on the interior.
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Comments:Published PDF date : Qing Kangxi 1662-1722 Room 95 label text:PDF 891Dish with bird on a fruiting peach treeIn the centre of the dish, is a bird on a fruiting peach tree depicted in a translucent palette of overglaze enamels. Around the rim are four characters萬壽 無疆 (wanshou wujiang ‘ten thousand years of longevity without end’). There is a six-character Kangxi mark in a double circle in underglaze blue on the base. The Kangxi emperor ruled for sixty-one years, which was the longest reign in Chinese history. This dish and others like it were commissioned for the celebration of his sixtieth birthday on 12th April 1713. This momentous state occasion was marked by operatic performances, music and feasting on a vast scale.Porcelain with overglaze enamels Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province 江西省, 景德鎮Qing dynasty, Kangxi mark and period, about AD 1713 PDF 891桃樹小鳥圖盤盤心以透明釉上彩繪有一隻立于桃樹上的小鳥。環繞口沿書有四字“萬壽無疆”(意為萬年長壽無窮盡)。器底青花雙圈內署六字康熙年款。康熙皇帝在位61年,是中國歷史上統治時間最長的皇帝。此盤與其他一些類似的器物皆為其六旬萬壽(即1713年4月12日)所訂燒之器。這一國家的重大慶典以盛大規模的戲劇、音樂與宴席為標誌。瓷器,釉上彩江西省景德鎮清代,康熙,康熙款,約1713年
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