You wine vessel dedicated to Father Ji, late Shang dynasty, c. 12th-11th century BCE

You win vessel classified to Father Ji, late Shang dynamics, c. 12th-11th century BCE

  • Image Number:K1A001825N000000000PAC
  • Dynasty:Shang dynamics
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Archival dimension:Height with lifting beam 32.5 Height with cover 30.2 cm, height of separator 23.3 cm, diameter 15 × 11.8 cm abdomen depth 20.3 cm foot diameter 19.7 × 15.7 cm full height 2 × 3 cm cover diameter 17.4 × 14cm cover depth 8.3 × 5.8 cm
  • Function:wine vessel, ritual vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze. Oval belly, the widest diameter of the whole appliance is in the lower part of the belly, there is a ring on both sides of the neck to connect the rope type lifting beam, and the edge of the lid is perpendicular to the top of the lid, covering the body opening of the appliance. This kind of jar cover becomes larger and is closely connected with the body, without the need to rely on the secondary casting of ring refining. It is different from Zikou’s middle Yin Ruins Yous on the cover, which belongs to the late Yin Ruins Yous. Similar styles, such as M269 You in Qijiazhuang, Anyang in the early stage of late Yin Ruins and M1015 You in Anyang in the late stage of Yin Ruins. The inscription “□ Father himself” is on the cover

商晚期 □父己卣

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