Seated Portrait of Gaozong’s Empress

Seated Portrait of Gaozong’s Empress

  • Image Number: C2A000279N000000000PAA
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 189.4x 104
  • Description:
    After Emperor Gaozong had established two empresses, Lady Xing, the Yuanpei, was captured in the Jingkang disaster. After Emperor Gaozong ascended the throne, he named her as the empress. In the 12th year of Shaoxing (1142), the coffin of Empress Xing was welcomed back from the north, and Wu Fu talent was officially listed as empress. Empress Wu Su likes reading and has excellent calligraphy. She once wrote for Emperor Gaozong, and nobody can tell. Therefore, she is deeply loved and trusted by Emperor Gaozong. The painting of this portrait should be the Queen of Wu, who continued to stand. The figure in the painting is wearing a nine dragon hairpin crown and a pearl mother inlaid on his face. Wearing a dark blue Yi garment, it is embroidered with twelve lines of pheasants, and is decorated with vermilion and dragon patterns. It is bright and beautiful.

宋高宗后坐像 軸

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