Pou wine vessel with animal-mask pattern, late Shang period, c. 13th-11th century BCE

Pou wine vessel with animal-mask pattern,late Shang period, c. 13th-11th century BCE

  • Image Number: 27.2 cm
  • Function:ritual vessel, Wine vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:. The shoulders are decorated with bowed Kui patterns, the abdomen is decorated with animal face patterns, and the feet are decorated with turned back Kui patterns. These main patterns are broadband reliefs, with thin line and shallow relief thunder patterns as the shading, and the height of the thin line and broadband patterns on the surface of the relief is equivalent. The line of the whole vessel is obvious, and it is divided into three units. There is a high relief animal face in the middle of each unit. The tail of the horn is the highest drum of the whole vessel. There are fine lines at the bottom

商晚期 獸面紋瓿

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