Hollyhock Sketched from Life

Hollyhock Sketched from Life

  • Image Number: K2A001246N000000024PAA
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: uncategorized
  • Author: 李東
  • Form: 冊(摺裝‧橢圓幅式)
  • Exhibition dimension: 24.2×26.9對幅尺寸同本幅
  • Description:
    This volume is a total of 26 volumes, including many excellent Song and Yuan album pages. Their works have been collected by Neifu in the Southern Song Dynasty, Wu Zhichun, a 14th century Anhui collector, Mu Lin, a 15th century Qianning King, and Zhang Duxing, a 17th century Shandong collector. In the form of mounting, except for a few people who have antithetical questions, the blank antithetical pieces on the left are all mounted with Jinsu Mountain scripture collection paper popular in the Ming Dynasty, and there is a unified style of inscription. With the collection seal of Liang Qingbiao (1620-1691) on the paper mounted, and the signatures of other Liang Qingbiao in the collection of the Institute, it is speculated that this volume may be collected by Liang Qingbiao, showing the Song and Yuan paintings understood in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

宋元集繪 冊 宋李東寫生秋葵

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