Lei wine vessel with animal-mask pattern, late Shang to early Western Zhou, c. 12-10th century BCE

Lei wine vessel with animal-mask pattern,late Shang to early Western Zhou, c. 12-10th century BCE

  • Image Number::ritual vessels, Wine vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    necked round shoulder high belly ring foot Lei. There are two animal heads on the shoulder and one on the lower abdomen. The upper mouth is decorated with two string patterns, and the lower mouth is decorated with Kui patterns. The shoulder decoration has bird patterns and round whirl patterns. It is worth noting that this layer of patterns is decorated with hook shaped trimmings, which were once seen on Fuhao’s tomahawk and Fuhao’s goblet. The belly is decorated with animal face patterns and triangular drooping leaf patterns, and the feet are decorated with three rows of animal face patterns. This kind of hook shaped border decoration obviously appeared in the middle and late Yin Ruins, and it is exquisite and may be used by higher status classes. The motif and expression method of the decorative patterns, and the ox head ring are basically close to Beijing Liulihe Lei in the Western Zhou Dynasty and Rujiazhuang Lei in Baoji, Shaanxi Province. The main pattern is wide band, and the rest are thunder patterns. There are cicadas in the shade

商晚期至西周早期 獸面紋罍

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