Pou with lozenge pattern, late Shang to early Western Zhou period, c. 12th-11th century BCE

Pou with lozenge pattern, late Shang to early Western Zhou period, c. 12th-11th center BCE

  • Image Number:C1A001345N000000000PAD
  • Dynasty:Shang dynamity
  • Category:Bronzes
  • Architectural dimension:19.9 meters high Abdominal depth 17.1cm, caliber 16.4cm, full diameter 17.7cm
  • Function:ritual vessel, Wine vessel
  • Material:mineral/metal/bronze
  • Description:
    small mouth, wide abdomen and short circle foot bottle. The shape of this vase is Erligang in the Central Plains — the early to middle period of Yin Ruins is common. The neck is decorated with string patterns, the shoulder is decorated with thunder patterns on the background, Kui patterns and eye patterns, the belly is decorated with hook and eye patterns, and the foot is decorated with cloud and thunder patterns. The skillful double layer pattern technique of the shoulder and the high and curly nose Kui pattern are common in the middle of the Yin Ruins in the Central Plains. Only the dense hook and link thunder patterns on the abdomen are different from the general sparse way in the Central Plains, but similar to the geometric patterned pottery in the south. This product combines the characteristics of the South and Central Plains, but where is it? More information is still needed. Only the two small ears on both sides of the round abdomen were decorated with curly nosed animals, which were popular animal heads after the middle of the Western Zhou Dynasty. The patterns that covered the body of the device and exposed the contact marks were later snake feet? Or is it the result that the ancient system of the Central Plains has been preserved and combined with the popular style at that time? All deserve further study

商晚期至西周早期 鉤連雷紋瓿

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