Jade ornament with openwork large-eye-mask pattern, early Liangzhu culture

Jade ornament with openwork large-eye-mask pattern, Early Liangzhu culture

  • Image Number:K1C004875N000000000PAB
  • Dynamy:Neolithic Period
  • Category:Jades
  • Function:Rituals
  • Material:Mineral/jade jewelry/jade
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    The “big eye facial pattern” on the jade wares of Liangzhu Culture means “the facial pattern of gods and animals”, Archaeological reports often call it “divine animal pattern”. This kind of ornamentation is usually carved on Liangzhu jadeware with relief carving and yin line. However, it is rare to see such an example directly taking the big eye pattern as a piece of jade. It may be the crown of Liangzhu culture, which was transformed into the lower edge by jade workers in the late Ming Dynasty. The jade workers in the Ming Dynasty not only carved the surface ornamentation deeply, but also carved the upper and lower narrow edges of the vessels, and added the Ming Dynasty antique geometric ornamentation, such as “hui wen”

良渚文化早中期 鏤空神靈動物面紋玉飾

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