Jade square bracelet with carved pattern, early Liangzhu culture

Jade square bracelet with carried pattern, early Yangzhu culture

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  • Dynamy:Neolithic Period
  • Category:Jade
  • Function:Clothing and accessories
  • Material:Mineral/Jade Jewelry/Jade
  • Description:
    Early Liangzhu Culture, The belief of “animal spirit worship” rather than “celestial body worship” is popular in East China. The wizard wears all kinds of jades carved with animal patterns, hoping that the magic of the gods and animals can help people communicate with the gods. Four or four groups of “facial patterns” are embossed around the jade bracelet, making the round bracelet gradually tend to square bracelet. But at this time, it was also used to cover the wrists of witches, which did not have the function of sacrificial place, so it should not be called Cong. It was not until the late Liangzhu period, or when the belief in “celestial worship” was learned from the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River through the “Upper Exchange Network”, that the square bracelets of Liangzhu culture suddenly developed into jade congs that were tall, square, heavy, small in size, and could not be worn on the wrists.
    良渚文化中期 玉琮

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