Poetry Harmonizing with Wei Tai’s

Poetry Harmonizing with Wei Tai’s

  • Image Number: C2B000020N000000000PAC
  • Dynasty: Song dynasty
  • Category: Calligraphic works
  • Author: Mi Fu;米芾
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 25.5x 95.3
  • Description:
    Mi Fu (1051-1108 AD), a calligrapher and painter and connoisseur in the Northern Song Dynasty, was born in Taiyuan (Shanxi) and moved to Xiangyang (Xiangfan, Hubei). Zhao Ji, the Huizong, was called to become a doctor of calligraphy and painting, and was an official of the Ministry of Rites. He is known as “Midian” for his wild behavior. The cursive script has drawn on the expertise of predecessors and is bold and unconstrained in writing. It has been commented as “calm and happy when the wind blows and the horses are flying”. Although this volume has mastered Mi Fu’s calligraphy form, it is soft and weak with a light brush, and the strokes show their own brushwork from time to time. The overall level is far inferior to Mi Fu. In addition, he was handed down from generation to generation, and the content and writing position were close to this volume, but there were slight differences between the dots and paintings.

宋米芾與魏泰唱和詩 卷

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