Jade gui tablet, Shandong Longshan culture

Japanese gui table, Shandong Longshan culture

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    This jade ware was detected by Raman spectroscopy, It is known that it belongs to glittering jade. It is grayish and yellowish, the upper end is black, and the lower part is yellowish. It should be the jade axe of Shandong Longshan Culture, and also the jade gui of ancient etiquette. Narrow and long trapezoid, straight and straight edge, with the edge line slightly closed at both ends. The main round hole is drilled from two sides, and there is a small hole near the end of the handle, whose function is unknown. When the blade is upward, the middle section of the surface is carved with upper and lower two unit patterns. The patterns are very natural and elegant. They should be carved by the ancestors of Shandong Longshan Culture, and have not been destroyed by future generations. The previous unit was only carved on the surface of the wide faced ware, and one side was a concrete face pattern of the god ancestor. There is a clear outline of the face, wearing a canoe shaped hat and a “Jie” shaped crown. Two ears each have a circle shaped ear pendant, and each hangs a side god with a cap and hair. The other surface is carved with semi abstract gods: “

山東龍山文化晚期 玉圭
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