Archer and Horse

Archer and Horse

  • Image Number: K2A001291N000000003PAB
  • Dynasty: Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
  • Category: uncategorized
  • Author: 李贊華
  • Form: 冊(摺裝‧方幅式)
  • Exhibition dimension: 本幅對幅均27.1×49.5
  • Description:
    This painting has no money, and has always been known as the work of Liao Li Zanhua. He was born in the Khitan royal family, and was famous for painting Khitan nobles and pommel horses. In addition to the function of depicting real objects, the lines in the painting create a sense of rhythm with elegant and subtle changes in thickness. From the simple composition, highlighting the brush and ink, and the characteristics of expressing the individuality of the characters, they are closer to Li Gonglin’s style. Although this work may represent Khitan people, it is by no means the work of Li Zanhua at the beginning of the tenth century. Its painting age should not be earlier than the late Northern Song Dynasty where Li Gonglin lived, and it has been influenced by the Han painting tradition.

名畫集真 冊 五代李贊華射騎圖

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