Jade yue axe, Shandong Longshan culture ( c.2500-1900 BCE)

Jade yue axis, Shandong Longshan culture (c.2500-1900 BCE)

  • Image Number:K1C000049N000000000PAE
  • Dynamic:Neolithic Period
  • Category:Jade
  • Function:Ritual
  • Material:Mineral/Jade Stone Jewelry/Jade
  • Description:
    Fine opaque ivory white jade, The whole device is made of long trapezoid, straight and straight, with blunt edge and no use mark. There are two round holes, one hole is drilled on one side close to the edge of the handle end, and the function is unknown. Another slightly large round hole, drilled on both sides. One side is engraved with the imperial poem “Ancient Jade Axe Pendant” (included in Volume 61 of Complete Works of Imperial Poems and Prose of Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty – Four Episodes of Imperial Poems) written in the forty fourth year of Qianlong (1911, 1779). It can be seen from the poem: “Jade symbolizes warmth and hardness, and the ancients wore it sincerely and kindly.” Emperor Qianlong believed that it was a “pendant” carved from beautiful jade into the shape of an axe, because beautiful jade is warm, but the shape of an axe symbolizes “strength”. The Emperor Qianlong cherished this item very much. In addition to making silk tassels and red sandalwood boxes for it, he carved the imperial poems in the boxes, and the words were made of clay gold. He also ordered people to mark his retirement at the age of 70, 80 and 85
    龍山文化晚期-二里頭文化 玉圭
    图片[2]-Jade yue axe, Shandong Longshan culture ( c.2500-1900 BCE)-China Archive
    图片[3]-Jade yue axe, Shandong Longshan culture ( c.2500-1900 BCE)-China Archive
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