Jade cong tube, Longshan-Qijia system (2200-1700 BCE)

Jades cong tube, Longshan Qijia system (2200-1700 BCE)

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    dark grey green sapphire, It is densely covered with black algal filament inclusion sedimentary structure, with local red spots. The inner circle and the outer circle are cong shaped, neatly made, and the four sides are flat. The shooting neck is short (accounting for the proportion of the body). The inner and outer edges of the shooting mouth are round and smooth. The hole wall is smooth and vertical, and it is inclined from the neck to the shoulder. Attachment: The way of emitting this device seems to be different from the jade cong in the general style of Qijia culture. Its cut angle is shallow, and the part of the neck of the device has been polished by quite a lot of kung fu, but the jade material is commonly used in Qijia culture. Therefore, it is still defined as the thing in the style of Qijia culture

龍山—齊家系 玉琮
图片[2]-Jade cong tube, Longshan-Qijia system (2200-1700 BCE)-China Archive
图片[3]-Jade cong tube, Longshan-Qijia system (2200-1700 BCE)-China Archive
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