• Image Number: K2A000978N000000000PAC
  • Dynasty: Tang dynasty
  • Category: Paintings
  • Author: Wang Wei;王維
  • Form:
  • Exhibition dimension: 26.3×84
  • Description:
    The front part of the painting is a flat slope surrounded by trees. Two people sit opposite each other and talk, while one person washes his feet in the water; In the back section, there is a rock block inclined like a screen wall, and one person came out from behind by boat. This painting depicts the water pattern of trees and stones with fine brush, and the color is elegant, which has both green and ink landscape interest. According to literature records, there was a picture of the shadow of the mountain spread in the Five Dynasties, which depicts Wang Xizhi and three friends meeting in the Orchid Pavilion in the shadow of the mountain. Mi Fu once saw an ancient book and asked Li Gonglin to draw another one. Later generations copied many pictures. However, Wang Xizhi’s standing posture is different from the sitting posture in this volume. The content of Mi Fu’s postscript has nothing to do with this painting, but it should be imitated by later generations.

唐王維畫山陰圖 卷

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