Stele on Chen Shuyi’s Renovation of the Temple of Confucius

Stele on Chen Shuyi’s Renovation of the Temple of Confucius

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  • Dynasty: Sui dynasty
  • Category: Calligraphic model books
  • Author: Anonymous;陳叔毅
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    The stele of Confucius Temple or the stele of Confucius Temple built by Chen Shuyi. The inscriptions on the stele are clerical script and seal characters. The original stone is now in the Confucius Temple in Qufu, Shandong Province. Chen Shuyi, born in Xuchang, Yingchuan, was the son of Emperor Chen Xuan. When he was an official of Qufu County in Daye, he rebuilt the Confucius Temple in Qufu. At the end of the seven years of the great cause, Zhong Xiaojun, a scholar in Jeju, wrote an article to record the whole story, and the inscription was handed down. At that time, Confucianism was revered. Four years before Daye, Confucius Sizhe, the grandson of Confucius XXXVIII, was granted the title of Saint Marquis of Shao. Therefore, the inscription reads: “New Saint of Shao will be opened, and the palace will be highlighted.” The inscriptions on the tablet are clear and solemn, and the structure is slightly close to the square. It’s a pity that we don’t know who wrote them.

隋陳叔毅修孔子廟碑 軸

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